Bradley Grosh

Bradley Grosh is one of the most creative members of LFA team. He has a never-ending potential in writing breathtaking stories that attract attention of everyone – from actors to viewers. Bradley was born in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles when he was six years old. After finishing school, Bradley became interested in “professional writing of stories for movies”, according to his interview in the latest issue of “People” magazine. His way to the job of screenwriter started from attending courses for writers in 2004, where Bradley gained basic knowledge of writing stories.

A year later Bradley Grosh became a student of Los Angeles Film School, where got acquainted with his fellow student Julie Herzigova, who became a director of photography at LFA. After completion of a set of courses for screenwriters at the film school, Bradley was hired by some TV companies in Los Angeles as a screenwriter assistant. A couple of years later, his skills and experience gained on television were noticed by Patrick Pool, founder of LFA. He invited Bradley to join our company, and since 2010, Bradley has been working as a full-time screenwriter at LFA.