Dayle Peters

Dayle Peters was born in the United Kingdom as a younger sister of a famous English photographer John Peters. Unlike her parents and other siblings whose life was anyhow connected with photography or art, Dayle has always wanted to connect her life with cinema. After finishing school, she decided to take a year off before entering the Cambridge University and attend courses for video editing to learn basic techniques of using non-linear editing software. After finishing these courses in half a year, Dayle moved to the US with her family in order to change the climate of their place of residence.

The Peters moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2004, and then Dayle entered the LA Film School. The school was looking for new candidates to attend the Young Editor course. After completing the course in 2008, Dayle presented her project to the film school contest. The task was to compile several videos into a single video clip without losing the main idea. Patrick Pool, our head director, was a part of the committee, and he immediately noticed the editing talent of Dayle Peters. “After winning this contest, I was amazed by the comment of Mr. Pool, who called my editing the most creative one. It is pure luck that I am working in LFA today, and I am grateful for this chance”, said Dayle.