Helen Tompson

Helen Tompson is a person who has particular talent in creating things and images that we can only imagine in our minds. She was born in Canada to a family of an artist and songwriter in 1989. She had an extraordinary childhood including participation in Children’s Art 1997 contest and learning at Vancouver Art School from 1997 to 2006. After moving to Chicago with her family in 2007, she got to know the world of computer graphics. Before entering the Chicago Animation University in 2009, Helen spent two years at the courses of Rolleye Animation Studios called “3D modeling and animation basics”.

After entering the university, Helen Tompson became an active member of the Chicago 3D art community. In collaboration with her friends and fellow students, she was making a 3D animation for a TV show “Outer Impact”. At the same time she was studying a new direction in art and filmmaking – visual effects. In 2011 she showed her creative potential in the series of short films about the game “Portal 2”. At the end of 2011, when series were released, she was invited to work with LFA. “I was blown away by the number of creative specialists working here. I think it’s a perfect chance for me to show myself and to improve filmmaking industry”, said Helen in her recent interview.