Ivana Wong

Ivana Wong is a real specialist if you need a perfect sound for your movie. Her professionalism in making a second-rate movie sound brilliantly cannot be overestimated. Her way to the profession of sound engineer started when she first visited her friend’s mother at her workplace who was a sound engineer. This event had a lot of influence on the future of Ivana. She began to study the basics of sound editing after finishing school in 2005. Though her parents didn’t support her in it, Ivana managed to achieve a lot of success in studying for her future profession at the University of Los Angeles.

During the last year of Ivana’s education, she and 4 more students were selected to represent their university in American Movie and Sound Contest. During her recent interview to “Movie Press” magazine, Ivana said: “We didn’t know whether we will win or not, but we believed in what we did back then. Our work was designed to amaze people with music and sound design, and the award we received at the end of contest proved that we took the right way.” Shortly after participating in this contest and graduating from the university, Ivana and her friends were invited to LFA, where they are still using their talents and skills.