Julie Herzigova

Julie has been interested in filmmaking since her very childhood. Born in Los Angeles to a family of an actress and director, Julie has been immersed into the world of cinematography since her childhood. After finishing school, she decided to get to know her future profession better. “In fact, people do not really know what is happening off-screen, but this was of primary concern to me”, said Julie in one of her latest interviews. Her interest led her to being recognized by the most talented and famous directors of photography. But there’s more behind that recognition than you can imagine.

After finishing the LA Film School, Julie began practicing as an assistant of a director of photography in local shootings that took place in her native city. While gaining new skills and experience through such an activity, Julie attended filming courses by Patrick Pool, the founder of LFA. After completion of a set of courses, where Julie was a regular student, she attracted attention of several LFA members and together with her friend Bradley Grosh, she was invited to participate in a new project of our company. “I am really grateful that I managed to be employed here and show my creative potential in LFA’s projects”, said Julie.