Patrick Pool

Patrick Pool is director of a majority of LFA projects, a person who knows where our company is heading, what projects we are working on now and what we will be filming next month or next year. He was born in Miami, FL, to a family of a banker and financial consultant in 1978. After finishing school and graduating from the Southern University with the degree of MA in Finance and Investment, he moved to Los Angeles to continue his education, but after a couple of years he became interested in a contrary sphere of activity – making movies. He left the University of Los Angeles and started attending courses and masterclasses at LA film schools.

After a long education and practice at the most renowned film school of Los Angeles, Patrick was hired by the 6TV Channel to become a director of a new drama series, produced by Liberty Productions. The drama series directed by Mr. Pool became an absolute success. Shortly afterwards, Liberty Productions was renamed into LFA and Patrick Pool became its Leading Director and Producer. Patrick has the greatest amount of creative potential among all members of LFA team, and that’s why he often takes parts in our projects as not just director, but also as an executive producer. We are really proud to have him at the head of our company.